Become a Reseller

Two Venues

Cartell is sold through two venues: Distributors who sell to installers and Installers who sell to the consumer.


Cartell is sold exclusively through distributors to installers. Currently, there are over four hundred distributors and their branches that sell Cartell in the United States and Canada. But we are always looking for more. Many of our distributors are smaller businesses looking for quality product at a fair price, but we also have larger distributors with a number of branches.

We define a distributor as a wholesale organization whose sole focus is to stock and sell products to professional installers. If the interested organization does any type of installation, it will not qualify as a distributor. We classify distributors into two separate categories: Stocking and Non-Stocking Distributors.
Visit our Distributor information page to learn more about becoming a distributor.


Cartell installers purchase through distributors and sell directly to the consumer. Cartell installers are independent of Cartell. They are men and women involved in the security, home automation, electrical, landscaping, dog fence and/or automatic gate control industries.
Visit our Installer information page to learn more about becoming an Installer.