Cartell agrees to provide service to the Winland Vehicle Alert Systems

winlandIn a strategic move, Winland Electronics has decided to suspend the production of its Vehicle Alert driveway alarms and has approved Cartell to supply service to its past customers.

Cartell and Winland Electronics have been in the same industry for decades, both offering driveway alarms based on the same (magnetometer) technology. Management at Cartell heard from a mutual distributor that Winland decided to suspend making its vehicle alert systems in order to concentrate on its other product lines. Cartell approached Winland, offering to provide technical and repair support for their products currently in the field.

Products between the two manufacturers were exchanged and extensive testing done to compare, contrast and discern product compatibility. It was determined that Cartell’s line of products can replace Winland’s. A relationship was formed as it was determined Cartell could indeed supply the customer support needed to both troubleshoot and replace defective Winland Vehicle Alert products in the field. Since then, Winland’s technical support team has been re-directing all support needs to Cartell.

On this subject, Jonathan Bohannon, President/CEO of Cartell, has said, “We regret that Winland has stopped making its Vehicle Alert product line, but understand their desire to go in a different production direction. Winland has for years made a reliable product and we are glad to be able to supply support for those who have installed Winland products in the past. I am humbled by Winland’s confidence in Cartell and wish them much success.”