Cartell Announces Record Sales

Sales are through the roof!

We are pleased to report an increase of 20% going into our third quarter in comparison with sales this time last year. Overall for the year, sales are 10% higher than last year.

When asked why he believes sales are higher, Mr. Bohannon, President/CEO of Cartell, responded, “This winter was a particularly hard one, across the country. Since our products have to be installed underground, there were weeks at a time in many parts of the country that installations came to a halt. The Spring thaw allowed a surge in installations, and consequently a surge in sales.”

Cartell’s sales are attributed mostly to the GateMate (CP-3) free exit system that is an accessory to automatic gate operators. When installed, the GateMate allows a hands-free exit from the property for the homeowner. Such sales account for 92% of total sales at Cartell. The remaining sales are those of Cartell’s driveway alarm systems.

Thank you to all our customers!