Cartell GateMate (CP-3) Beats Them All!

Solar Friendly ProductThe primary concern in a solar system is to provide enough solar power to accommodate the duty cycle of the system and the options that will be used with the system. With any solar system you must put as much power back into the battery (or more) than you are using on a daily basis.

Often, this is of little concern, especially on sunny days. But when the weather is not ideal, or the area of country is not conducive, the amount of watts of power needed becomes critical. Of course, the first concern is the number of cycles per day the gate is going to be expected to operate. But there is another, often larger, concern.

According to experts, the most serious concern for solar powered gates is not the gate itself but its accessories. Most of the time, options such as probe detectors, loop detectors, keypads, photo beams, and the like, will draw current constantly – twenty-four hours a day. When this is taken into account, it is likely that the options will draw more current than the operator itself.

GatemateFor that reason, Cartell’s engineers have worked extremely hard (and successfully) to keep the stand-by current draw on the GateMate as low as is scientifically possible. While most probe detectors demand at least 1.5 milliamps in stand-by, the GateMate requires a mere 150 microamps. That’s 85-90% lower than its nearest competitor.

“When it comes to 24/7 current draw, the choice is simple,” says Jonthan Bohannon, President/CEO of Preferred Technologies Group, maker of the Cartell GateMate free exit system. “It’s humorous to hear our competition brag about low stand-by current draw. It’s safe to say they should re-think the issue and stop stealing—stealing so much power from batteries!”

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