Cartell & How it Detects Vehicles

Cartell uses the earth’s magnetic field

Cartell makes a driveway alarm system that makes homeowners aware every time a vehicle enters their driveway. There are a lot of systems that do that, but not exactly the way Cartell does. It is the technology Cartell uses that gives it an edge in the market and the right to claim it is virtually false-alarm proof.

The car detection component of the Cartell system is based on magnetometer technology. That is, it uses the earth’s magnetic field to detect vehicles. When the sensor probe is buried beside the driveway, it detects fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field caused by moving steel. The detector is neither a motion detector nor a presence detector. It is a moving steel detector.

Magnetometer technology is not new. In fact, patents for it date back to the 1930’s. Its greatest development occurred during World War II. It was used to detect and detonate shallow water mines in the south Pacific. It was during that time Dr. William Flook, Jr. was exposed to the technology and a couple decades later, created a vehicle detection system for the driveway. He called it Cartell. In 1975, Dr. Flook sold the rights to the Cartell name and product to Preferred Technologies Group.

“The fact that Cartell is based on magnetometer technology means there are no false alarms caused by animals, people, blowing leaves, wind and weather,” says Jonathan Bohannon, President/CEO of Preferred Technologies Group. “Since the probe only senses moving steel, we do not fear putting an audible device on our system because we know the homeowner will not be awakened in the middle of the night by false alarms.”