Cartell Overview

What can Cartell do for you?

When vehicles enter your property, Cartell can turn on lights, sound alerts, trigger cameras and integrate with existing security and home automation systems. When leaving, Cartell will open your automatic gate.
As you can see in the graph below, Cartell has your entire property covered!

Cartell Overview

What can Cartell do?

  • Turn on lights when you arrive home, creating a safe path into your house
  • Turn your lights on when others drive up, making your house look occupied
  • Alert you with sounders strategically placed in and outside of the home
  • Trigger cameras for documented evidence
  • Integrate with home automation and security systems in order to:
    • Alert monitoring stations
    • Turn on lights at night
    • Chime at keypads
    • Play audible recordings at keypads (“Car is in the driveway,” etc.)
    • Post messages at keypads
    • Pull up driveway cameras on screen
    • Notify external sources (police, etc.)
    • Cooperate with computer modules to interact with computers, email, etc.
  • Allow vehicles to exit freely when integrated with an automatic gate

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