Cartell Radio Prototypes Delivered

prototypeAt the end of April 2014, prototypes for the new Cartell radio product were completed and delivered by Oven Industries. Located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Oven Industries has formally contracted to make the radio line of future Cartell products.

The prototypes, consisting of four circuit boards, boast a low current draw and an alleged long radio range. Two of the four boards contain a custom-made radio that will eventually need FCC approval. A custom-made antenna will also need FCC approval when prototypes being tested in the field prove the resilience and quality of the product.

“The fact that we have received these boards brings to fruition three years of development,” commented Jonathan Bohannon, President/CEO of Preferred Technologies Group. “It has been a long, hard struggle from the beginning, with many starts and stops, but we are now seeing a progression of results that indicates a successful product launch.”

The new radio product will sell alongside the present hard-wired systems. It will use the same technology for detecting vehicles (magnetometer technology); its sensor probe will be buried in the dirt beside the driveway. The sensor will be connected to the sensor box via a foot long cable. The sensor box will be buried in the ground, its top flush with the topsoil. It will communicate wirelessly with audible devices in the home.

The challenge in prototype testing will be determining the range of the radio, battery life, reliability and the ease of installation. Since it is buried in the ground, the sensor box will be covered with snow in the winter in many parts of the country. The affect snow will have on the radio signal coming from the sensor box will be of special interest.

Stay tuned for more news on Cartell’s radio products.