Two components make up the DriveGuard Integrator™ system:

1. CT-2B control unit (includes 12 volt transformer)

2. CT-6 sensor probe

Component description:

CT-2B control unit**• CT-2B control unit

The CT-2B control unit has a single timed output with simplified features. Field adjustments include relay time and sensor probe sensitivity.

It comes in a high quality, white metal enclosure and is usually installed beside the home automation, security or lighting panel for easy integration with those systems.

The CT-2B supports up to four sensor probes.

NOTE: Use the power supply that comes with the CT-2B to power it rather than relying on the home automation or security panel for power.

For integrating instructions.

*CT-6 sensor probe*• CT-6 sensor probe

Sensor Probe Based on magnetometer technology, the CT-6 detects movement in the earth’s magnetic field caused by moving steel. It will not detect animals, people or blowing objects. Wind and weather do not affect it. This makes it virtually false-alarm proof. It does not require power.

The CT-6 sensor probe should be buried 6-10 inches underground, toward the end, beside, and parallel to, the driveway. It covers a 12′ wide driveway from the side. Wider driveways will require more than one sensor probe. It has direct burial cable attached, making conduit unnecessary. The cable is buried 3-6 inches underground, up to and into the house. It is connected to the control unit.

The CT-6 comes with a custom length of direct burial cable attached in increments of 50′ from 100′ to 500′; comes in increments of 100′ from 500′ to 3000′. The cable is polyurethane coated, making repair-splicing in the field possible.

For installation instructions. For splicing instructions.

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