Five components are necessary to make up the Remote System:

1. CP-1 Sensor probe

2. CB-1TT output board (9 volt & 12 volt models)

3. Transmitter of your choice

4. Receiver of your choice

5. Outdoor, weatherproof box of your choice

Component description:

CP-1 Probe • CP-1 Sensor probe

Based on magnetometer technology, the CP-1 sensor probe detects movement in the earth’s magnetic field caused by moving steel. It will not detect animals, people or blowing objects. Wind and weather do not affect it. This makes it virtually false-alarm proof. Most of the sensitive electronics are located in this probe.

Typically, the CP-1 sensor probe should be buried 6-10 inches below ground, beside, and parallel to, the driveway or lane. It covers a 12′ wide driveway from the side. It has direct burial cable attached, making conduit unnecessary. The cable should be buried 3-6 inches underground, up to and into a weatherproof box that contains the output board.

The CP-1 sensor comes with 80′ of direct burial cable attached. The cable is polyurethane coated, making repair-splicing in the field possible.

CB-1 • CB-1TT output board

Two models of this board are available: 9 volt and 12 volt. It is a 2½ square inch board that should be installed in an outdoor, weatherproof box.

The CP-1TT output board has relay time and probe sensitivity adjustments and the choice of normally open and normally closed dry relay contacts.

• Transmitter and Receiver of your choice

These products are not supplied by Cartell, but we suggest you consider using Inovonics, Linear or a compatible product.

• Outdoor, weatherproof box

This product is not provided by Cartell. The weatherproof box should be attached above ground to a post, tree or sturdy object. Contents installed inside should include the CB-1TT output board, battery (9 volt or 12 volt), transmitter and receiver.

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