Craigslist Safety Tips

CraigsListI’ve bought things off Craigslist several times−and I will continue to do so. However, when one reads about the St. Louis Craigslist Robbers (click here to read more about them), it gives rise to a reality check. In lieu of what happened in St. Louis, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Jennifer M. Joyce, posted the following Craigslist Safety Tips:

What are the dangers of Craigslist?

Many people have heard of the Craigslist killer, but criminals across the country use Craigslist to find potential victims for scams and crimes. From armed robberies to rapes, many crimes have been carried out when an unsuspecting buyer or seller meets up with someone who has far more sinister plans.

Craigslist, used by many to buy or sell items, can be a useful tool when used correctly. More than 60 million people use Craigslist each month and most are well intentioned. However, it’s important to always take safety precautions when arranging a meeting with someone you don’t know.

What can I do to protect myself?

Here are some tips for a safer Craigslist experience:
• Never agree to meet a seller or buyer at your home or their home. Always meet in a busy public place, such as the parking lot of your local police or fire station.
• Never go alone to meet a buyer or seller.
• Always let a buyer know what currency or form of payment you expect before you meet.
• Let a seller know you will not be carrying cash, but will accompany him/her to your bank for payment if a deal is reached.
• Never bring someone into your home to buy or sell an item.
• Trust your judgment. If a situation feels suspicious or uncomfortable, leave immediately.
• If you feel like you’re in danger, call 911.

To see Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce’s post.