• Based on magnetometer technology
  • Provides trigger and two relay outputs to announce the presence of any vehicle
  • 15 amp floodlight circuit turns on up to 1800 watts of lights when vehicles are detected
  • Senor buried beside and near the end of the driveway, hidden and vandal-proof
  • Covers 12 foot wide driveway
  • Direct burial cable of sensor coated with polyurethane and spliceable for field repairs
  • Supports any sensing device with a N.O., dry, floating relay contact
  • Single zone system
  • Dual timed output
  • Supports up to 100 sensor probes
  • Supports up to 12 sounders
  • Optional battery back-up to power sounders in power outage
  • Built in battery charger
  • Manual trip test button for diagnostics
  • Re-trigger hold-off
  • Transient suppression against lightning built in
  • RFI/EMF protection
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Adjustable relay time
  • Adjustable floodlight time
  • Includes transformer and photocell
  • Five year warranty
  • Made and supported in the U.S.

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