Five Year Warranty

Cartell Driveway alarm five year warrantyCartell, the first name in driveway alarms and free exit systems, is pleased to extend a five year warranty on all its vehicle detection products, including all systems and components. This is by far the longest warranty for this type of product in the industry.

Originally, Cartell offered the industry-standard one or two year warranty for its products. But in light of its subnormal return rate, the longevity of its field life, its virtual service-free history and anticipating the good will of its customers, Cartell increased its warranty to five years.

“With a product return rate below the industry standard, and an average field life of at least twelve to fifteen years, I saw no reason not to increase our warranty to five years,” says Jonathan Bohannon, President/CEO of Preferred Technologies Group. “The decision has paid off: the increase of customers and sales since the decision underlines it was a wise move.”

Mr. Bohannon attributes the long field life of Cartell products to quality. “Quality is not simply one of our goals, it is the goal,” he says. “We do 100% product testing and if each product does not meet our strict requirements, it does not leave our facility. Period!”

Mr. Bohannon goes on to say, “Just the other day, I received a note from one of our resellers in Georgia, saying, ‘We have sold Cartell products since 1984 and will attest to their stellar performance. I also use a free exit device on my own home gate system with complete satisfaction.’” Says Bohannon, “I think that pretty much says it all: a reseller who uses the product he sells is the strongest validation.”