Marina Safety

Time to get to the water and marina. Here are some tips that, if followed, may provide safety for yourself and those around you.

  1. Make a marina check-list
    When choosing a marina, check around for fire protective measures (such as stand pipes and fire extinguishers), cleanliness, clear dock passageways, security, good lighting and surveillance cameras
    Other items: coded entry gates, uniformed guards, a neighborhood watch program, and other accident and theft prevention measures. If you get a bad feeling from perspective marinas, take your boat and your business elsewhere.
  2. Wear PFD’s
    While on docks and working around your boat always wear PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices or life jackets). Especially make sure that children are wearing properly-fitted PFD’s.
  3. Don’t swim
    Don’t swim in marina waters. Boat maneuvering and stray currents in the water from improperly bonded electrical systems add great danger.
  4. Non-slip shoes
    Make sure all in your party are wearing non-slip shoes anywhere on the marina premises, but especially around the docks and on your boat.
  5. Watch the loose items
    Don’t leave loose items lying around on the dock or in visible areas of your boat. They could get kicked into the water, stolen, or trip someone.

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