The DriveGuard Integrator™ system (product code: CT-2B system) adds professional
vehicle detection to any security, home automation or lighting system.

When connected to two zone inputs on a security or home automation panel, the DriveGuard
Integrator™ will trigger any and all features supported by those systems when vehicles are

Its sensor is buried beside and near the end of the driveway, hidden and vandal-proof. It only
detects moving steel, eliminating false alarms caused by animals or blowing objects. Its control
unit is installed beside the security or home automation panel.

When integrating vehicle detection with a home automation or security system, the following will
be enabled when vehicles drive into the driveway:

  • Turn on lights at night
  • Chime at keypads
  • Play audible recordings at keypads (“Car is in the driveway,” etc.)
  • Post messages at keypads
  • Pull up driveway cameras on screen
  • Notify external sources (police, etc.)
  • Cooperate with computer modules to interact with computers, email, etc.

This system is recommended for driveways longer than 75 feet.

American made and supported.

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