The DriveGuard Basic™ (product code: CT-2B system) is a basic stand-alone system that will
trigger sounders and/or cameras when vehicles enter the driveway. No longer will you be
surprised by drive-up visitors!

Its sensor is buried beside and near the end of the driveway, hidden and vandal-proof. It only
detects moving steel, eliminating false alarms caused by animals or blowing objects. Its control
unit is installed in a basement or closet and its sounders fit in a light switch box.

With two adjustments and a choice of sounders, this is one of the most versatile and reliable basic
car detection systems in the market today. It is also a dependable system with a long field life
and a five year warranty. It has a proven track record since 1975.

This system is recommended for driveways longer than 75 feet.

American made and supported.

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