I just want to say that your products are the only thing I ever consider using when I have an application that requires exit sensors or vehicle detection. I have no complaints from any of my customers when I install one of your sensors on their gate. I’m also proud to say that installations my father did back in the late 80’s and early 90’s are all still working beautifully. I rarely have any issues with the units. I get a personal satisfaction when I rip your competitors’ models out of the ground when the probe or detector fails and I replace them with a GateMate (CP-3). The GateMate (CP-3) has consistently allowed me to be able to walk away from an installation with no fear of having to be called back for failure. Not to mention your entire team and family is a pleasure to work with and get information from when I need assistance or place an order.

– Derek in San Antonio, Texas

I had a Cartell at my second rural home. The drive was very long, about 1/4 mile. It was still working when we moved after 17 years. We put one at our new home. We have a 300 foot drive. After 28 years, it is still working.

– Charles in NE Kansas,

We have sold Cartell products since 1984 and will attest to their stellar performance. I also use a free exit device on my own home gate system with complete satisfaction.

– Martha in Cumming, Georgia

Our Long Range RFID Company has used Cartell products for many years as an accurate and reliable “arming device” to turn on the power to our Hands-Free Vehicle ID Readers for our Dealer’s Residental, Commercial and Government Security Gate Access Control. We have been very pleased with Cartell Products and their superior Customer Service.

– Pete in Peachtree City, Georgia

Our driveway alarm has performed flawlessly for over ten years. We feel most secure in knowing when someone is approaching our home. Thanks for a great product.

– Bob in Harwich Port, Massachusetts

Living in a rural area, (at the end of a long lane), the Cartell provides a great sense of security. It is like a door bell that provides an oppportunity to investigate who is arriving before he/she gets to the door. Also when my wife is home alone, it provides a security to make her aware people are arriving before they get to the house. We have had it snce 1982 and rely on it heavily.

– Don in Wooster, Ohio

Your products are fantastic. We offer them on every job we sell and it is a well sought-after option…You are a company with great products and service.

– Craig in Northamption, Pennsylvania

Cartell is truly my favorite feature in our automated home. Not only does Cartell provide a convenience by alerting me to visitors when I am in the house, but I always feel safe when I return home alone at night because Cartell turns on the outside lights as soon as I enter the driveway. I used to feel uncomfortable coming home to an empty house, but with Cartell I am completely at ease returning to my well-lit home.

– Emily in Paupack, Pennsylvania

We have enjoyed the Cartell system since 1995. It rings all over our house and one outbuilding and to our backyard. We do not even have a doorbell anymore. We love it!

– Alan in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

Cartell is the best security device available. It is relible and hidden from view. We know if someone has driven into our driveway every time. Great peace of mind.

– Ernest in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

When we moved from an automated home in North Carolina to Pennsylvania, the first automation system my wife asked me to install was the Cartell vehicle detector. Now she never pulls into a dark home and we always know when company arrives long before the doorbell rings.

– Tom in Tafton, Pennsylvania

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