No Security System Should Be Without This

The percentage of break-in likelihood without security

A home without a security system is 300% more likely to be broken into. And yet, security systems commonly work reactively−after a break-in has occurred. In fact, it takes 15-20 seconds or more for a security system to detect and respond to a break-in.

Mike Miller, president of the security association, has said, “The point of a security system is to reduce loss.”

Our goal at Cartell is to eliminate loss! How? The best way, ISECOM3 contends, is to inform home occupants before an intruder enters the home.

Law enforcement officials agree that one of the best deterrents to theft and home invasions is making criminals believe the family is home and aware of their presence.


Cartell has a line of products that integrate with any security or home automation system. Adding Cartell to a security system alerts the family when vehicles drive up. Cartell activates lights at night, making the home appear occupied. Criminals are made aware they have been professionally detected, increasing their desire to scram.

When you add Cartell to a security or home automation system, you optimize the system and put security and home automation at the first place of defense: the driveway. Cartell makes it easy to add professional vehicle detection to existing systems.

“It’s just another way of reaching our personal and business goal,” says Jonathan Bohannon, President/CEO of Preferred Technologies Group, “which is to prevent crime from happening in the first place. With Cartell, home occupants can thwart an impending tragedy rather than be forced to deal with its consequences.”