The Mad Dash – A Ritual

Woman in car at nightPicture this: It’s late at night. You drive up the driveway to your house. The house is dark. In fact, this night it seems darker than usual; almost eerie.

You park the car, sitting in the seat hoping the moon will peek from behind the clouds. An impatient sigh; a deep breath. Making sure your car door is locked while you fumble for the house key, “Here we go again!” volunteers itself through clenched teeth.

It’s a mad dash to the front porch! Careful not to stumble, you position the door key in one hand while grasping other belongings in the other. The expectation is a safe passage to the house, assuming no one is lurking in the shadows. Still, each eerie sound incites an uneasy feeling, deep within…

I think you get the picture only too well, because that is probably the story of your normal nocturnal return home.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Small House with LightsImagine a different scenario, one in which when you drive into your driveway, your house is flooded with lights–a virtual light-show. Landscape lights line the driveway up to the house. The floodlights around the house are blaring, the porch light is on, inside lights, too. And there it is: a lighted pathway of safety up to the front porch. You don’t need to wonder if someone is hiding behind the bushes: you can see them clearly and no one is there.

The good news is, you don’t have to imagine that scenario, because now you can have it with Cartell. It means you never drive up a dark driveway again; you never stumble across a shadowed walkway again; and you never have to enter a dark house again. And it’s done automatically by a hidden system that escapes vandalism, and can be professionally installed by an installer located near you.

With just three components, you can have a system that is virtually false-alarm-proof, has a five year warranty and is based on a technology that has proven itself ultra-reliable since the 1930’s.

To find out more check out the DriveGuard Ultra.