About Cartell

A Rich History

Since being founded in 1975, Cartell has been a pioneer and innovator in car detection systems for consumers. Its parent company, Preferred Technologies Group, manufactures the Cartell brand to offer homeowners and businesses ultra-reliable, top-quality driveway alarm and free exit systems that provide safety, peace of mind and convenience.


Magnetometer Technology

Cartell was the first to utilize highly-dependable magnetometer technology to detect vehicles entering and leaving driveways. Cartell’s sensor is buried in the ground beside the driveway and detects interruptions to the Earth’s magnetic field caused by moving steel. This is far more reliable than motion detectors and other systems that frequently experience false alarms caused by animals and blowing objects.

The Best Warranty

From the start, Cartell has been totally committed to offering the best quality, capabilities, customer service and value in the market. Vehicle detection systems are Cartell’s only products, and they are all made and supported in the U.S. To back up our commitment, each product comes with a 5-year warranty – by far the longest and best in the vehicle detection industry.

Exceeding Expectations

The same innovation and commitment that founded Cartell drives it today. New technology and quality enhancements are constantly being developed to ensure that Cartell’s vehicle detection systems set the standard and exceed expectations. Re-visit this website often to learn about newly developed and innovative systems.

The Cartell Timeline:

Cartell Timeline