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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can install a vehicle detection system?

Since 1975, Cartell has been installed by dealers in the security and home automation industry; certified electricians; landscape and dog fence installers; and automatic gate installers. Find an installer near you »

How do I buy a Cartell vehicle detection system?

Cartell is sold exclusively through distributors. A local installer from a home automation, security, electrical, landscaping, dog fence and/or automatic gate company will purchase your system from one of our authorized distributors.

Who do I contact for repairs or warranty issues?

Can animals, or people, or the weather trigger Cartell’s vehicle detection systems?

No, as long as people and animals do not trigger the sensor by physically moving it. Our magnetometer-based systems only detect moving steel, virtually eliminating false alarms.

How long should I expect my vehicle detection system to last?

Cartell vehicle detection systems lead the market with an average field life of 12-15 years. Service calls are virtually eliminated with our top quality design and manufacturing and materials, such as polyurethane-coated, spliceable direct-burial cables.

Do Cartell products come with a warranty?

Yes, Cartell systems are backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Where are Cartell products manufactured?

Cartell products are made in the USA to ensure quality and support local communities.

Can other sensing devices be used with Cartell systems?

Yes, we provide a relay output for other sensing devices. Both of our control units (CT-2B, CF-2C) support any sensing device that has a N.O., floating, dry relay contact (motion, infrared, microwave, etc.). Simply hook another sensing device on the terminal strip where our probe hooks up and place a 500-1000 ohm resister between the terminals. You may use other sensing devices and our probe together on the same system. There is no limit to the amount or variety that can be used on a single system. For more information, consult our product manuals.

How wide a driveway does the sensor probe cover?

It covers a 12' wide driveway when buried in the dirt beside it. If a driveway is wider than 12', two probes can be used--one on each side.  A vehicle speed of at least five MPH is required to produce the 12' to 14' of detection.

How deep does the sensor probe need to be buried?

6-8 inches underground, parallel to and beside the driveway.

How is Cartell’s sensor different from a loop detector?

Cartell uses the earth’s magnetic field to detect vehicles. A loop creates its own field with electricity. Cartell is buried beside the driveway; a loop is buried inside the driveway, requiring slicing it. Cartell lasts indefinitely; a loop has to be replaced periodically.

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