Wireless Dual-Purpose System | Cartell

Our wireless dual-purpose system can act as a driveway alarm and/or free exit system. Sensor is self-contained, housing an internal transmitter and antenna. Absolutely no trenching and installs in under an hour. Install sensor beside driveway, in the driveway, or on a post adjacent to the drive.

Cartell CW-SYS Wireless Driveway System

Components (included with system): (1) Sensor puck; (2) Integrator; (3) Auger screws; (4) Batteries & clips; (5) Coaxial cable; (6) Terminal block screwdriver

CW-SYS Wireless

CW-SYS is a wireless dual-purpose system that connects to existing security/home automation systems and gate operators.

Add wireless vehicle detection to existing security/home automation systems, connecting to their cameras, sounders, etc. Also, seamlessly connect to any electric gate operator for free exit, whether residential or commercial.

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