Become a Cartell Smart Driveway System Distributor | Cartell

As a manufacturer that sells only through distribution, we are acutely aware of the importance of our distributors. They are our sole sales conduit. As you consider the decision to enroll as a distributor, we hope you will seriously ponder the advantages, qualifications, and simple requests we list below. 

We pledge to give you whatever is needed to grow your business and provide Cartell to your customers.

Advantages include:

  • No stock requirement
  • No minimum ship requirement
  • Drop shipping always available
  • Prepay discount, per approval
  • Volume discounts on selected products
  • Free listing on website
  • Free marketing literature
  • Free demo products
  • Free, expert technical support
  • Fast repair turn around
  • Periodic updates/incentives
  • National advertising

Simple Requests

  • List Cartell on your website
  • Include Cartell in your catalog
  • Display Cartell literature in branches and trade shows
  • Offer customers drop shipping
  • Refer customers to us in repair situations
  • Send customers to our tech support team

Pricing & Discounts

Distributors receive a percentage off installer pricing. Terms are net 30 days. A 1% discount is awarded to those pre-approved, whose account is not in arrears, and pays an invoice within 15 days.

Definitions & Qualifications

We define a distributor as a wholesale organization whose sole focus is to stock and sell products to professional installers. If the interested organization does any type of installation, it will not qualify as a distributor. 

Download an application to distribute Cartell products and email it to

Marketing Materials Available to Download