Cartell | Driveway Alarm and Driveway Free Exit Systems

Superior Technology. Superior Sensing.

Some systems are triggered when leaves blow across the driveway, or an animal meanders by. Our systems are only activated by moving steel. So when you receive an alert, you can be sure it’s caused by a car entering or leaving your driveway.

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Committed to Our Customers

Over 40 years ago, we began creating products that work for you. When you trust your family’s security to us, you can be sure that your home or property—starting with your driveway—is protected from surprises.

Warranty Change to Take Effect September 2023

Products purchased prior to September 2023 are covered by the original five year warranty.

Every Cartell product and system is backed
by an industry-leading Three-Year warranty.

David Louis Bohannon, Jr., founder of Cartell, passes away.

Sunday, October 30th, 1938 – Monday, October 19th, 2020