CW-SYS Wiring Information - Cartell

CW-SYS Wiring Information

CP-4/CW-SYS Wiring Information

CW-SYS Wiring Diagrams



Aleko AC1400

Aleko AS-GG

All-O-Matic SW-300DC, SW-325DC & SW-350DC

American Armor – AAP Board

Apollo 636

FAAC 400

GT Master

LA 400/500 (Various models use same board.)

LiftMaster MSWDCBB

US Automatic Patriot

Door King 4502/6050/6100

Door King 9150

Viking R-6

*NOTE* In order to get the 12 to 14 feet of detection, the vehicle must pass the sensor traveling at least FIVE MPH. Do not place sensor in close proximity to gate as it will not operate as designed. Test the application with a vehicle prior to final installation.