Installer Information

Who can be an Installer?

Cartell installers are independent of Cartell. They are persons involved in the security, home automation, electrical, landscaping, dog fence and/or automatic gate industries. They prove their concern for the safety and convenience of their clients by offering Cartell as a high-quality accessory in their portfolio.

What is Required?

As long as a person is competent in any of the industries listed above, he/she should be able to install Cartell. Knowledge of electrical codes, electrical wiring, CAT-5 wiring and trenching are essential for our driveway systems; knowledge of gate operator installation and trenching is essential for our free exit products.

Where to Purchase?

Cartell is sold exclusively through distributors. The only exception to that is in repair/warranty issues when we prefer the installer deal directly with us for economic and expeditious reasons.

To find a distributor near you, first create an account on this website’s home page ( Then log in and click on the “Find a Distributor” link in the middle of the top navigation bar.

A Growing Opportunity

We now have a program for those who have already installed Cartell to sign up for placement on an exclusive Certified Installer list. The requirements are few and the benefits are numerous.

Certified Installer Benefits

  • Exclusive listing on our website
  • Free demo products
  • Direct leads to you
  • National advertising
  • Free marketing literature
  • Joint marketing ventures
  • Regular updates
  • Minimum requirements

Three Certified Installer Requirements

1. Give timely and honest estimates
2. Service what you sell
3. Install Cartell (not our competition) when receiving leads from us

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For Certified Installer application form, click here.