A Proactive Approach to Home Security | Cartell
May 10, 2019

A Proactive Approach to Home Security

Picture this. You’re asleep at home without a care in the world when suddenly your alarm goes off.

You rush down the stairs to investigate only to come face to face with an intruder. Not exactly how you imagined you would be spending your night, right? In a world where home technologies are only getting smarter, why allow your home security system to alert you when something is already happening? Enter the Cartell Driveway Alert System. No more after-the-fact notifications. With Cartell, you’ll be alerted the moment a car enters your driveway, giving you plenty of time to take the proper precautions to protect your home.

Cartell was built on an idea and belief that people deserve a greater peace of mind and sense of security. Other home security systems share one common problem – they were all reactive rather than proactive. Meaning that you, the homeowner, only become aware of a threat once it’s already in progress, leaving no time to take necessary action to protect your home. We recognized that this was an ineffective way to think about home security, so we decided to change the way things were done.

A New Way to Think about Home Security

When we set out to create a better system, we thought of our own families, our cherished belongings, and our beloved pets. We’ve always liked knowing when people were home, or visitors arrived, or unexpected guests showed up and the driveway seemed like a good place to start. This is why we developed our Driveway Alert System. Once a car enters your driveway, a sensor is triggered by the steel in a vehicle, sending an alert to your home automation or security system so you can have the extra time you need to prepare.

How Does It Work?

Our hidden sensors with magnetometer-based technology are buried in the ground near your driveway. This means that once a car enters your driveway and subtly disturbs the earth’s magnetic field, our sensors detect it. The best part? You won’t receive any false alarms. Most driveway detection systems rely on an electric field, meaning that any movement caused by weather or animals, will trigger an alarm.

Smart Devices. Smart Homes.

Another great benefit of installing a Cartell driveway detection system is that you can integrate it with any of your existing smart home devices. Have an automated lighting system? Cartell can give you a warmly-lit welcome home, signal the arrival of visitors, and control the lights while you are away. Home camera system? You can view live feeds of cars coming and going from your property, monitor important deliveries, and also keep an eye on your home while you’re at work or on vacation. Above all, we’re mobile-friendly! Cartell systems are built to always keep you aware and will integrate with any alert methods you have in place on your smart device. You can receive text messages right on your mobile devices and even connect to sounders inside and around your home.


Back to our earlier scenario. With the Cartell driveway alert system, imagine that the second an intruder enters your driveway, your flood lights activate, you receive an audible alert, video cameras start recording, and best of all, you have ample time to contact emergency services. All before they even reach the door. Sounds pretty great right? Even if you weren’t physically there, you would still receive an alert on your mobile device to where you could take the proper measures to stop the intruders in their tracks. No more last-second reactions or waking up in the middle of the night unsure if you heard something.

With Cartell, you will achieve a sense of protection that no other home security system can offer you.

If you are interested in learning more about Cartell’s driveway alert systems, read some testimonials from Cartell users or find an installer near you.